Chenega Energy, LLC provides a broad range of renewable/ sustainable energy solutions.

    Chenega Energy, LLC specializes in helping Alaskan businesses make the best decisions about where to invest their commercial energy conservation dollars, and has nearly 30 years of combined experience doing just that.  We can start from the beginning or we can take what you’ve already started and build on it.  Our services don’t stop with the planning; we are there to help you implement the changes and are still there to do the commissioning.  We also offer retro-commissioning, which is particularly important in renewable energy projects. Chenega Energy's principals have been doing energy for nearly 30 years so we really know how to get our customers the most for their money the first time    



 Our services include the design and implementation of energy savings projects, energy efficient retrofits, commercial energy auditing, and alternative energy solutions. Because energy conservation is our sole focus, we put the right projects in the right order quickly and cost effectively allowing you to focus on your business. 



As a member of the EPA's CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Partnership, we provide highly efficient power generation systems and energy supply solutions. Chenega Energy is the Authorized Distributor of Capstone Microturbine systems in Alaska.
For samples, please see our Distributor Directory at: www.capstoneturbine.com

 Through the Chenega family of companies, Chenega Energy can quickly mobilize a team of electricians, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, controls engineers, and architects to design, deliver, and install cogeneration systems to both rural and urban markets.