CoGen & Distributed Power

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Combined heat and power (CHP), or cogeneration, is an efficient and clean approach to generating electric power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel source. CHP is used to replace or supplement conventional separate heat and power (SHP) (i.e., central station electricity available via the grid and an onsite boiler or heater). Every CHP application involves the generation of electricity and the recovery of otherwise wasted thermal energy. Therefore, CHP provides greater energy efficiency and environmental benefits than SHP. CHP systems achieve fuel use efficiencies of 60 to 90 percent, compared to a typical SHP efficiency range of 45 to 55 percent. This improvement in efficiency translates to: Energy cost savings from reduced fuel use; Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other regulated air pollutants; Increased electricity-supply reliability and power quality; Reduced grid congestion and transmission and distribution losses. For these reasons, businesses and others have installed more than 85,000 megawatts (MW) of CHP capacity in the United States, making CHP a proven pollution reduction technology option.

Chenega Energy is the distributor for Capstone Turbines in Alaska and Antarctica as well as an EPA Combined Heat & Power Partner. We are actively promoting energy solutions by designing, integrating, and maintaining this "Jet Engine" technology to create Onsite Combined Heat & Power Plants. With impending utility rate increases and questionable power reliability, Capstone Turbines are providing customers with "Green Power" Independence. Currently Capstone is running more than 7000 Turbines worldwide logging millions of run hours.

Allow Chenega Energy to connect you with this 'clean and green' technology. Our strength is in maintaining working relationships from initial analysis to integration, deployment, and servicing. We are here to provide support in making your facility environmentally friendly and efficient by providing you onsite power where and when you need it!





Capstone Turbines can be used for the following solution measures:

 • Co-generation
 • Tri-generation
 • Stand Alone Application
 • Demand Response
 • Curtailment Programs
 • Renewable Portfolio Standards
 • Back-up Power
 • To lower carbon footprint
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